How to Help Your Child with Special Needs

Tuesday, June 12 -
Thursday, June 14, 2018
8:00 AM - 7:30 PM


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How to Help Your Child with Special Needs

Join us and other Families like yours for the 3-Day Parent Training Conference to learn how to take control of your Family’s future through our science-based practice.  Get the answers you need on how to make the greatest impact on your child’s development. 
Has your child ever been labeled with a "special needs" diagnosis?

Too often children are defined as a sum of their challenges, and parents have no choice but to accept this fate. However, we know that labels don't matter and see your child as more than a collection of symptoms.

The Family Hope Center empowers you through our Parent Training Conference. In this forum, along with parents like yourself, we provide an orientation into the process and share necessary tools, based on a multidisciplinary, science-based approach - so you can better understand and help your child overcome his or her developmental challenges.

What you will get from the 3-Day Parent Training Conference: 

Become Empowered and Get in the Driver's Seat of Your Child's Development

The Family Hope Center empowers parents who want to create a better future for their children but do not know where to turn. We motivate you to get in the driver's seat of your child's development through awareness, understanding, encouragement and personalized expert guidance.

Learn to Understand Your Child's Development

Understanding your child's unique neurology is central to aiding his or her development. At the Parent Training Conference you will begin to discover the source of your child's symptoms, how the brain functions and grows, the degrees of neurological disorganization and more.

Evaluate Your Child's "Developmental Age"

With the help of the Family Hope Center's proprietary Integrative and Development Progression Chart, you will -- for the first time ever -- be able to scientifically and objectively evaluate your child's specific developmental levels in a variety of sensory, motor and social sub-categories. You will begin to better understand your child across 7 levels of function ... and this tool will be a source for establishing a practical plan to help your child mature developmentally. It will also serve as the tool to monitor your child's progress and success.
Learn about the FHC's Multidisciplinary Scientific Approach 
The Family Hope Center provides families with an effective, customized integrative plan designed to fit your child’s specific needs and foster intellectual, physical, sensory, auditory, emotional and social development. Our Clinical Team partners with you and your child, across 14 fields of medicine and therapies, to advance your child's progress.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

We will show you how we build an individualized plan for you AND your child that can improve your child's coordination, speech, mobility and overall organization. This plan will allow you work smarter, not harder, in helping your child to thrive.

Contact Carla or Maya for registration information: [email protected]

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