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We provide a wide range of information about support, resources, and services for families in Camden County, New Jersey.

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Families can find specific recreational activities, health providers, support groups, and events in your area. If you are a resident of Camden County, NJ, please subscribe to our Monthly Events and News.

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Health Providers and Community Organizations are able to list their community and health resources, hotlines, support groups, and events. Do you provide services in Camden County?

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Department of Children and Families -Office of Education

The Department of Children and Families' (DCF) Office of Education provides 12-month academic services and supports for children and young adults ages three through 21. Our education programs meet the needs of students who may benefit from a smaller healing centered environment. A successful return to school and participation in community life and individual goals for each student are part of the program for the DCF Office of Education

Gateway CAP- Foster Grandparent Program

Our program provides opportunities for older Americans that are 55 years and older to stay active and engaged while using their past skills and tools in classroom settings. The volunteers are paired with preschool programs that focus on the social and emotional development of a young children. I hope to hear from you soon.

Achieving Excellence Tutoring

Private tutoring company serving adults with disabilities ages 18 and over through the Division of Developmental Disabilities.

Fresh Start Counseling

Fresh Start Counseling, LLC. is an organization established to serve families' mental health needs and encourage and provide growth opportunities. Our therapists and behavioral assistants listen to and work closely with families through difficult times. We provide families across the lifespan with tools to navigate their intertwined relationships, build resiliency and reach their full potential.

IDEA Center for the Arts

As an arts education and creative learning organization, the mission of The Institute for the Development of Education in the Arts (IDEA) is to connect underserved youth and their families to the life affirming quality of the arts. Our work is about building more socially resourceful and vibrant communities by strengthening the human potential through creativity, culture and arts based learning.

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