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A Better Me Counseling

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A Better Me Counseling

A Better Me Inc. is a new intensive in-community mental health rehabilitation services for children/youth of Southern Jersey through NJ Children System of Cares. We are an intensive based clinical intervention that addresses the emotional and behavioral challenges of youth with moderate to high needs. Our goals are to provide emotional and behavioral supports that are an alternative to more restrictive outcomes.

Our services help to strengthen the family unit. These services encompass a variety of mental health rehabilitative services including, but not limited to, group, individual or family therapy, evaluation and counseling. We are here to provide intensive in-community interventions that focus on the children/youth and their families regarding coping skills development, healthy boundaries skill-sets, emotional regulation skills development, stress management, self-care healthy skill-sets, symptom and management, problem-solving skills, and skill-building that enhances self-fulfillment. Our mission is to perform treatments that are family-driven and youth-specific.

Current Active MOU
  • Camden County Partnership for Children
  • Cape Atlantic INK
Age Groups
  • Children
  • Adolescents
Treatment Services
In-Community Services
Areas Served
  • Camden County

Last Updated: 09/23/21