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The Bridge: Empowering Youth Sessions

Bridge: Empowering Youth Sessions

The Bridge is a unique program of support and positive lifestyle enrichment for the adolescent population. The overall goal of The Bridge is to aid in the healthy development of adolescents. The Bridge differs from other programs in that it is not crisis-oriented; rather, it addresses the challenges of adolescence, in general. The years between 13 and 19 present a whole new set of problems, questions, and issues that need to be dealt with by professionally trained, dedicated, and caring people. This is where The Bridge comes in - it recognizes the special psychological, social, and spiritual needs of this growing population. 

There are two aspects of The Bridge:

  • Weekly Empowerment Sessions
  • Off-Site School/Community Programs
Eligibility 15 Program Slots Available
Age Groups
  • Adolescents
  • Adults
Health Services
Behavioral / Mental Health

Last Updated: 01/12/21